1) Which sugar is made during photosynthesis? a) Fructose b) Sucrose c) Starch d) Glucose 2) What is needed for photosynthesis? a) Oxygen, glucose, light and chloroplasts b) Carbon dioxide, oxygen, light and chlorophyll c) Carbon dioxide, water, light and chlorophyll d) Carbon dioxide, glucose, light and chlorophyll 3) What are the direct products of photosynthesis? a) Oxygen and glucose b) Oxygen and starch c) Carbon dioxide and glucose d) Water and chlorophyll 4) Which word describes how fast a reaction is happening? a) Speed b) Velocity c) Progress d) Rate 5) As light intensity increases, the rate of photosynthesis..... a) stays the same b) decreases c) increases 6) Which statement is false? a) Glucose can be converted by the plant into starch b) Glucose is used by the plant for respiration c) Chloroplast is the green pigment in leaves d) All plants respire, just like animals 7) Respiration... a) happens in plants and animals b) only happens in plants c) only happens in animals d) only happens in plants at night 8) What does xylem tissue do? a) Carries out photosynthesis b) Carries out respiration c) Transports water around the plant d) Lets gases in and out of the leaf 9) The spongy layer in the middle of the leaf... a) allow gases to travel through the leaf b) are the main site of photosynthesis c) provide a reservoir for water d) prevent the leaf being damaged 10) Which is the odd one out? a) Photosynthesis b) Stomata c) Pallisade cell d) Xylem 11) What are chloroplasts? a) Very small plants b) Holes in the leaf that allow gases in and out c) Parts of plant cells that photosynthesise d) A layer of wax that stops the leaf from losing water 12) Which factor most affects the rate of photosynthesis? a) Electrical charge b) Wind speed c) Noise level d) Temperature 13) In which part of a plant does most photosynthesis occur? a) Stem b) Root c) Leaf d) Flower 14) During the day, the carbon dioxide concentration around a plant will be... a) higher than at night b) lower than at night c) the same as at night d) the same throughout the day



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