Igneous Rock (volcanoes) - formed when sediments are melted and cooled, Sedimentary Rock (WEDCC) - formed when sediments are pressed and cemented together, Metamorphic Rock (chemicals) - formed when rocks are changed by heat and pressure, Weathering (breaks it down) - when rocks are broken down into smaller fragments, Erosion (it moves) - when rock fragments are moved by some force of nature, Deposition (it stops) - when rock fragments are laid down in a new location, Cementation (seals) - when spaces between particles are filled in by silica, rust, or calcite, Compaction (squishes) - when lower layers of particles are pressed together by upper layers, Heat & Pressure - when rocks are at such a great depth they actually melt , Melting & Cooling - when rock is liquefied and then hardened into solid rock , Extrusive (outside) - igneous rock formed on or near the Earth's surface (lava), Intrusive (inside) - igneous rock formed deep inside the Earth (magma),



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