1) She was charged with giving false ___ in court. a) alibi b) innocent c) evidence 2) A person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven _____. a) dead b) guilty c) innocent 3) Fresh evidence has recently come to light which suggests that he didn't in fact ___ the murder. a) commit b) make c) did 4) He has a cast-iron ___ - he was in the hospital the week of the murder. a) witness b) murder c) alibi 5) He was shot ___ outside his home. a) died b) dead c) death 6) The prime ____ in the case committed suicide. a) suspect b) victim c) alibi 7) Ten _____ are expected to testify at the trial today. a) innocent b) motives c) witnesses 8) Two sisters have been charged with _____ a) innocence b) murder c) motive 9) He firmly believes that she is ____of the crime. a) innocent b) evidence c) motive 10) Why would she have killed him? She has no ______. a) dead b) murder c) motive



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