Crie melhores lições mais rapidamente
1) Mark ______ karate on Fridays. a) do b) does 2) Bill and Katy ______ tennis together. a) play b) plays 3) My mum ______ in the shower. a) sing b) sings 4) The cat ______ fish for lunch. a) eat b) eats 5) Our friends _______ Adele songs. a) love b) loves 6) The children _____ to school by car. a) go b) goes 7) He often _______ his bike. a) ride b) rides 8) We usually _______ our homework. a) do b) does 9) Grandma sometimes ______ cakes. a) make b) makes 10) You never _______ TV in the evening when it is dinner time. a) watch b) watches 11) My parents usually ________ their bedroom on Sundays. a) Clean b) Cleans 12) Susan always _______  uniform at school from Monday to Friday. a) wear b) wears 13) Girls sometimes ______ secrets to their best friends. a) tell b) tells 14) My father occasionally ______ on the sofa when He has a problem with my Mon. a) sleeps b) sleep 15) It allways ________ in winter. a) snow b) snows 16) Students ________ English at night. a) study b) studies

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