Flask - This holds the mixture you wish to separate so it can be heated., Clamp Stand - This holds the equipment in place safely and stops things from falling over., Collection Flask - This collects your distillate that flows out of the condenser., Vapours - As you heat your mixture the substance with the lowest boiling point turns to a vapor and rises., Distillate - As the vapor travels through the condenser it cools and becomes a liquid again, Thermometer - This allows us to measure the temperature of our mixture., Condenser - This cools the vapor back down and condenses it into a liquid to be collected., Cold water In - This is essential to keep the condenser cold enough to create a distillate., Warm water out - After absorbing heat from the vapour the water becomes warm and needs to be carried away to keep the condenser cool , Bunsen Burner - This provides the heat to vaporise part of your mixture.,

Functions Of Distillation Equipment




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