Saturated Fat - all of the carbon atoms in the fatty acid molecules are linked by single bonds. Considered to be the least healthiest fat. Sources include animal fats e.g. butter & cream., Unsaturated Fat - two or more of the carbon atoms are linked by a double bond. Contains less cholesterol. Found mainly in vegetable (cooking) oils., Hydrogenation - the process of changing a liquid fat or oil to a solid one at room temperature by the addition of hydrogen., Monounsaturated Fat - containing only one double bond per molecule. It is in liquid form at room temperature but begins to solidify when chilled. Sources include: nuts and oils., Polyunsaturated Fat - containing more than one double bond per molecule. This fat is liquid at room temperature and also when chilled. Main sources include: seeds, nuts and vegetables., Omega 3 & 6 - types of polyunsaturated fatty acid the body cannot make itself, Sautéing - to fry quickly in a little hot fat or oil, Smoke Point - the temperature at which it gives off a blue smoke. At this temperature the fat molecules start to split up and give the food being cooked an unpleasant flavour., Condiments - substances that are added to give flavour or complement food. , Aeration - incorporating air into a mixture through methods such as creaming., Shortening - a substance which gives a resulting characteristic crumbly texture for example pastry, biscuits and shortbread., Emulsion - when the oil and vinegar (water based) are mixed e.g. salad dressing., Plasticity - the ability of fat to hold its shape. Not all fats melt at the same temperature, but over a range of temperatures., Flash Point - where fat ignites and the food burns., Rancid - when a fat starts to decompose and develops an unpleasant and 'off' flavour. , Cholesterol - a fatty substance known as lipid, it is vital for the normal functioning of the body and is found in some foods. It can build up in the artery wall, restricting blood flow to the heart, brain and rest of the body., Fats - are solid. They come mostly from animal sources., Oils - are liquid. They come mostly from plant sources.,

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