exhausted - I'm _____. I'm going to bed early. (really tired), enormous - The Pacific Ocean is really _______________. (very big), boiling - It was _______________ in Egypt last summer, even in the evening. (very hot), terrifying - I hate horror films because some scenes there are _______________. (frightening), awful - The meat tasted absolutely _______________. (bad), tiny - The island is really _______________. (small), delighted - She was _______________ to receive such a wonderful present. (happy), amazing - The magic show was absolutely _______________. (good), freezing - It was _______________ in the evening, so I put on warm jacket. (cold),

All Clear kl. 7 U6 Extreme adjectives - uzupełnij lukę przymiotnikiem ekstremalnym - synonimem przymiotnika z nawiasu.




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