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Al dente - To cook foods still with a ‘bite’ eg pasta, Basting - Spooning hot fat over roasting food to keep moist, Bone out - To remove bones eg chicken, lamb shoulder etc, Clarify - To make clear eg stock, consumme or butter, Court bouillon - A well flavoured cooking liqueur for fish, Demi-glace - Equal quantities of brown sauce (espagnole) and brown beef stock (Estouffade) reduced together by half, Estouffade - A rich brown stock, Fume - Smoked as in Saumon fume (smoked salmon), Hache - Finely chopped or mince, Larding - Inserting strips of fat bacon into meat using a larding needle (this introduces moisture into the muscle content), Mise en place - All preparation before cooking – collection of ingredients and equipment, Nutrients - The components of food which provide protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water, Plat sauté - A straight sided shallow pan for cuts of meat, chicken etc, Refresh - To run under cold water to stop cooking eg when blanching vegetables, Shredded - To cut into fine strips – lettuce, onion, Troncon - A slice of flat fish on the bone, Cook out - The process of cooking a roux, soup or sauce, Sauteuse - A sloping sided shallow pan for quickly reducing sauces etc,

Common Culinary Terms Part 2



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