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Au Beurre - Cooked in or served with butter, Beurre manie - Equal amounts of butter and flour kneaded together used for thickening sauces, Brunoise - Very fine dice eg vegetables, Consommé - Basic clear soup : beef, chicken, game, fish or vegetable usually garnished, Croute - A ‘cushion’ of fried bread for underneath, Duxelle - Finely chopped mushrooms and shallots sweated together, Fines herbes - Chopped fresh parsley, tarragon and chervil, Gastric - Sugar and vinegar boiled together, used to enhance the flavour of tomato soups and sauces, Hors-d’ oeuvres varies - A mixed platter of appetisers, Liaison - A thickening or binding agent eg egg yolks and cream, Monter au beurre - To whisk iced butter into boiling sauces to improve texture, flavour and appearance, Panache - A mixture – leaves, vegetables etc, Pulses - Dried seeds of pod vegetables : peas, lentils, beans etc, Sabayon - Egg yolks with a little water or wine cooked in a ‘bain marie’ until creamy, Table d’Hote - Limited choice meal at a set price, Au four - Baked in the oven, Rechauffe - To re-heat, Mandolin - A hand operated cutter for slicing vegetables, potatoes etc,

Common Culinary Terms Part 4

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