Last week, Beth ____ a cake for Lilly's birthday party. Lilly ____ a strawberry cake with pink frosting. Beth was happy to bake the cake.First, Beth____ the ingredients in a big bowl. Next, she ____ the cake batter into four round baking pans. She ____ the pans in the oven. Finally, she baked the cakes for 20 minutes. Then, Beth ____ the pink icing. After the cakes ____, Beth____ them with icing. Beth ____ Lilly's name on top with white frosting. She put seven candles in the cake. On Sunday, Beth ____ Lilly with the strawberry cake. Lilly ____ her cake! Lilly ____ many gifts for her birthday but she said her cake was the best gift of them all! ©

Past Simple - Story 2 - Birthday Cake




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