1) Julie got ready for work and on her way out the door, she grabbed an umbrella.  What is the weather like where Julie lives? a) sunny b) cloudy c) rainy d) foggy 2) Everyone at the party put on a hat and gathered around the cake.  They sang a song and one kid blew out the candles on the cake.  What kind of party is it? a) wedding b) retirement c) birthday d) baby shower 3) Greg has to do his weekly chores, which includes taking out the trash.  He took the trash bag out of the trash can and brought it outside.  After he was done, he noticed there was liquid all over his pants. How did his pants get wet? a) the trash bag leaked b) he went swimming c) someone squirted him with a squirt gun d) he spilled his juice before taking out the trash 4) Trent can't find his kitten anywhere.  He looked everywhere in his house.  Then, he noticed his son left  window open without a screen. What do you think happened to the kitten? a) It went out the front door. b) It jumped out the open window. c) It's laying on the floor in the kitchen. d) It's eating lunch. 5) Bridget signed up for a new class on Saturdays.  After just one class, all her muscles were sore.  What kind of class was it? a) A photography class. b) A chess class. c) A singing lesson. d) A workout/fitness class 6) Laura woke up and went into her kitchen.  She looked in the refrigerator for something to eat.  She got out a bowl, spoon, and milk before reaching for a box in her cabinet.  What is she going to eat? a) Spaghetti b) Cereal c) Crackers d) Poptarts. 7) Joey had an appointment at noon, but he arrived early. As he sat in the waiting room, he saw pictures about oral health, teeth, and brushing.  What kind of appointment does Joey have? a) Dentist appointment b) Car appointment c) Eyeglass appointment d) Physical therapy 8) The teacher told everyone to put away their notes and take out a pencil. She said that she had hoped everyone studied hard. What will happen next? a) It's time for recess. b) It's time for lunch. c) The students will take a test. d) The students will go home. 9) Gwen bought a lot of cardboard boxes.  She packed the boxes with everything in her apartment.  She also rented a very large truck for one day.  What is Gwen doing? a) Cleaning her apartment. b) Going on vacation. c) Having a sleepover at a friend's. d) Moving. 10) James has been playing a game on his phone all day.  Suddenly, his phone turned black and he couldn't turn it back on.  What happened to his phone? a) His phone died. b) He got a phone call. c) He got a text message. d) His phone started charging.




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