1) refusing to obey someone or admit something a) improvise b) anchored c) defiantly d) summon 2) to speak or perform when you're unprepared a) instinctively b) improvise c) defiantly d) summon 3) to move toward something in a circular motion, usually in a fast and uncontrolled way a) anchored b) spiral c) divert d) massive 4) when you do or know something without thinking about it, you just do a) massive b) ominously c) uninhabitable d) instinctively 5) very large and heavy, huge a) improvise b) massive c) havoc d) defiantly 6) to change the direction of something a) staggering b) divert c) instinctively d) spiral 7) to order (someone) to come to a place a) summon b) staggering c) massive d) havoc 8) holding on or staying put a) havoc b) staggering c) massive d) anchored 9) not safe to be lived in/on; cannot support life a) spiral b) ominously c) summon d) uninhabitable 10) a situation in which there is a lot of destruction or confusion a) massive b) anchored c) uninhabitable d) havoc 11) suggesting that something very bad is going to happen a) massive b) havoc c) ominously d) spiral 12) walking slowly in an uncontrolled way a) staggering b) uninhabitable c) divert d) anchored




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