Aesthetics - Does the product look good? Does it make good use of colour and texture? What has inspired it’s appearance? (E.g. is it organic? Is it industrial?), Customer - Who is the product designed for? How and where would they use it? What effect will it have on their lives and relationships? Will it add value? How is the product promoted to attract customers? Has the designer considered how people will interact with the product? Does the product target a particular age group or sector of people? What assumptions have been made about the potential buyers/users?, Cost  - What is the estimated cost of the product? What is the retail price? What is the relationship between the two? Is the product affordable? Does it offer value for money? What is the product’s cost in relation to the income of potential buyers/users?, Environment  - What is the product’s impact on the environment? What happens to the product after use? How long will it last? What factors limit/lengthen its life span? Can it be repaired? Can parts be replaced? How easily can it be recycled? Who would pay for the cost of recycling?, Size  - Are the product’s proportions appropriate for its use? If you increased or decreased the products size, would it look or function better?, Safety  - How has the designer considered safety issues in the products design? Think about the ways it is being used and how different parts have been joined together. Are there any risk assessment issues in relation to the use of the product?, Function  - Does the product do the job it was intended to do? How does it work? How easy is it to use? What effects will using it have, including those beyond intended use and user?, Material - What materials are used to make the product and why? Would another type of material work better? What impact could the designers choice of material have on the environment? Where do the materials and other resources needed for production come from? Are they likely to run out?, Manufacture - How has the product been made? What processes have been used to make it?,





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