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Albumen - One of many proteins. Generally it refers to the whites of eggs, Baking Powder - Chemicals which when moistened and heated generate gas (usually carbon dioxide) which aerates bread and cakes, Baking sheet - A metal plate on which cakes, etc are baked, Batter - Soft completed cake mixture, Cake - Baked mixture of fat, sugar, eggs, flour etc, Comb scraper - A plastic scraper with a serrated edge used to create patterns on icings, chocolate etc, Curdle - Separation of the emulsion formed when fat, suar, eggs, etc are beaten together r to form a cake batter. It is usually caused by adding the liquid to quickly or too cold, Egg wash - Beaten egg (usually diluted with water) used to produce a glazed surface on baked goods, Fancies - Small decorated cakes, Fondant - An icing made from boiling sugar, water and glucose to 240oF (115oC) and then agitating to form a mass of minute crystals when cooled, Gateau - A large decorated cake which can be cut into individual portions, Genoese (Genoise) - Good quality plain cake or sponge used for making into fancies, gateaux etc, Royal icing - Mixture of icing sugar and egg whites used for decorative purposes, Slab cake - Cakes baked in large frames weighing about 5-7lb (2½ - 3 kilos), Sugar paste - A paste made principally from sugar,

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