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Baume - Degrees on the scale of a saccharmoeter (sugar hydrometer), Candied - Preserved by immersion into super-saturated sugar solution. Subsequent dryng results in a coating of sugar crystals, Caramel - Sugar heated above its melting point, Caramelise - Change in the sugar during baking a cake causing crust to colour, Croquant - Melted sugar with nuts, Crystallisation - Formation of crystals deliberately in various sugar boiling operations, Dragees - Small sweet balls coloured silver or gold used as a decoration, Dredger - Small contained with a perforated lid used to sprinkle sugar, flour etc, Enrobe - Coating of cakes, biscuits, ices etc (eg with icing, chocolate), Feathering - Decorative effect caused by inlaying one coloured icing into another in the form of a design., Friandises - Petits fours, Glucose, confectioners - A thick, viscous, colourless syrup used in boiling sugar preparations etc, Glycerine - A colourless and odourless syrup with a sweet taste used in cakes for its hygroscopic property in order to delay staling, Hydrometer - An instrument for determining the approximate specific gravity of a liquid at a certain temperature, Hygroscopic - The power of attracting moisture eg glycerine, Nougat - A confection made from sugar, honey and egg whites, with added glace fruits and nuts et Montelimar, Pastillage - Paste made from icing sugar and gum tragacanth or gelatine mucilage, Pulled sugar - A solution of sugar containing glucose or weak acid, Rock sugar - An aerated decorative material made from boiling sugar and royal icing, Sacarometer - A special hydrometer for determining the density of sugar solutions. They are usually calibrated in degrees Baume, Spun sugar - Threads of sugar formed from a boiling sugar solution. Used for decorative purposes, Stock syrup - Solution of sugar and water used to reduce fondant etc,


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