I am always late for class, I'm very afraid of spiders and insects, I have been coughing all day, I want to lose weight (about 5kg), I want to become very rich, I want to become very famous, I have very noisy neighbours, My tutor gives us too much homework, I don't like my job but I need the money, I watch too much Netflix, I want to improve my English, I'm always very tired, I just bought a car but I don't like it, My husband/wife wants a dog but I hate dogs!, I always forget where I put my things, All my friends say that I'm a boring person, I'm afraid of the dark, I have stinky feet, I'm losing my hair (becoming bald), I'm very shy when I meet people, I want to quit smoking, My flatmate is very messy, I lost my pet cat, My boyfriend/girlfriend never answers his/her phone.

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