1) This painting ___ in the National Gallery in London this month. a) is exhibited b) was exhibited 2) This portrait ___by my uncle last year. a) is painted b) was painted 3) His best photos ___ in India last spring. a) was taken b) were taken 4) My new pencil case ___of metal. a) isn't made b) wasn't made 5) New music ___ around the world every day. a) is produced b) was produced 6) Nowadays, most of the products we buy ___ handmade. a) aren't b) don't 7) The Internet ___ invented until after World War II. a) didn't b) wasn't 8) Gravity ____ by Isaac Newton. a) was discovered b) is discovered 9) These devices _______________ very often. a) aren't used b) weren't used 10) This house ________ in 1920s. a) isn't built b) wasn't built




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