Dilapidation Survey - Is used before and after agreements, such as the letting of a house or flat to a tenant or the commencment of works on existing sites., Architect - Would commission a building surveyor to take all the dimensions of an existing building so that it can be drawn to scale and proportion, Conditional Survey - Could be used by a local authority to check te condition of its housingnstock, schools and community buildings, Structural Engineer - The building surveyor would liase with this person if a building was showing signs of structural problems, Main Contractors and Subcontractors - Who the building surveyor would liase with if he had been engaged by the client to control and manage a construction project., Measured Survey - These are undertaken for the initial design stages of a refurbishment, remodelling, adaptation or extension of an existing building, Quantity Surveyor - The professional person the building surveyor would liase with to ensure that that estimates fall within the clients budget., A Repair Schedule - Advice given on maintenance involving looking after the the buildings fabric and structure to keep it maintained at a fit for use status, Client - The person who is the building surveyors employer.,





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