1) This person led the Israelites after Moses died. a) Jacob b) Joseph c) Joshua d) Aaron e) Pharaoh 2) Who did God give the Israelites to protect them from their enemies? a) Kings b) Queens c) Presidents d) Prime Ministers e) Judges 3) Who was one of Israel's greatest judges? a) Deborah b) Moses c) Jacob d) Abraham e) Sarah 4) What number has a special place in the Bible? a) 73 b) 2 c) 1,000,000 d) 40 e) 3.14 5) What was NOT signified by the number 40? a) Years Israelites wandered the desert b) Days it rained on Noah's ark c) Number of years Deborah brings peace to Israel d) Commandments given by God on Mt Sinai e) Days Jonah gives the wicked city of Nineveh to change their evil ways 6) Whose army did Deborah and her army commander, Barak, defeat? a) Sisera b) Canaan c) Egyptian d) Israelite 7) What other brave woman helped Deborah defeat the Israelites' enemy? a) Leah b) Rachel c) Yael d) Hannah e) Rebecca

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