Book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe that exposed the cruelty of slavery and boosted support for the abolitionist movement., Forced labor used to the South that led the country to a Civil War, Compromise made in 1820 that made Maine a free state, Missouri a slave state, and created the 36'30 line to divide the north and south. Kept power balanced in Congress., Compromise in 1850 that admitted California as a free state and created the Fugitive Slave Act., Court case that ruled that African Americans were not US citizens and opened up slavery to expand across the country., Law that allowed Kansas and Nebraska territories to decide for themselves (popular sovereignty) on whether they would be slave or free , Brutal attack on Senator Charles Sumner by Preston Brooks, Civil War that broke out in Kansas between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery supporters, John Brown led an attack on a federal warehouse in hopes of arming slaves for a rebellion, In 1860 President Lincoln was elected president of the United States, The tendency to be more concerned with the interests of your region than the country as a whole, A law that required the return of runaway slaves, no matter where in the Union they might be discovered, South Carolina secedes from the Union after the election of Lincoln.

Causes of the Civil War Review




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