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Pesticides cause more cases of food poisioning than bacteria - False, Elderly people and pregnant women are more likley to have a serious outcome from food poisioning - True, Good food hygiene only includes cleanliness of equipment - False, Poultry often has bacterial contamination - True, Preservatives allow food to be kept for longer - True, Lots of preservatives are now being used in foods - False, Careless food handling can cause chilled food to become contaminated with bacteria - True, Chemical posions on food can cause food poisioning - True, Bacteria can not grow on sliced cooked chicken left overnight in a warm food preparation area - False, All bacteria will cause food posioning - False, Food handlers don't have to worry becasue food poisioning is never a serious illness - False, A high fever is always a symptom of food poisioning - False, Poor temperature control is a major cause of food poisioning - True, Effective staff training is a major cause of food poisioning - False, Food poisioning is usually caused by food which has been contaminated by artificial colours - False, Food poisioning is most often caused by food which has been contaminated by bacteria - True,

Food Poisioning True / False Quiz


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