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It is best to use disposable wiping cloths - True, A colour code is not necessary for items used for fish - False, A red colour is best for items used for raw meat - True, The main aim of hygiene control is to prevent contamination - True, It is best to store raw poultry on the shelf in the fridge above the cheese - False, If a cake is filled with fresh cream it is not necessary to store it in a refrigerator - False, It is wise to think of all raw meat and all raw poultry as contaminated with food poisioning bacteria - True, You can safely prepare raw and cooked foods on the same work surface - False, You can reduce the risk of cross contamination by keeping raw foods away from other foods - True, You can only cause cross contamination by smoking in the workplace - False, Equipment which has been used to prepare raw meat and poultry must be throughly cleaned as soon as the job is finished - True, The same cloth can safely be used for washing up and cleaning areas used to prepare raw and cooked foods, as long as it is changed every day - False, You can not spread bacteria from yourself to food - False, As long as the temperature is low, food stored in a fridge can not become contaminated - False,

Hygiene Control True /False Quiz


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