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Bus drivers are most at risk from food poisioning - False, Bacteria in food is the most common cause of food poisioning - True, A jar of pickled onions is a high risk food - False, Bacteria will grow on cooked chicken at 37 oC - True, An elderly person is not at risk from food poisioning - False, Bacteria grows easily on cold meat if left overnight in a warm food preparation area - True, Bacteria can be spread by dirty wiping cloths - True, A cut on your hand should be covered with antiseptic cream to protect food from contamination - False, Raw and cooked meats should be prepared and stored seperately - True, Food handlers should wash their hands after handling waste food and rubbish - True, Bacteria are not often found on people - False, Modern refrigerators can now kill bacteria - False, If you thaw a frozen turkey completely it will not contain any bacteria - False, If you find a dead mouse in your workplace you must tell your supervisor - True, A stone in a fruit cake is defined as an accidental hazard - False, A detergent kills bacteria - False, Food law requires you to report to your supervisior if you are suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting - True, The temperature Danager Zone is 1oC - 4 oC - False,

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