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LASCERATION - Caused by crushing or ripping forces e.g. barbed wire. May bleed less than other wounds, but likely to be more tissue damage. Often contaminated with germs. , PUNCTURE - Caused by the skin being pierced, for example, by a nail or a needle. The entry site is small but the wound may be deep and risk of infection is high., CONTUSION - Caused by a blunt blow which ruptures blood vessels beneath the skin causing discoloration. The skin my be split too. Serious cases indicate deeper damage., GRAZE - Superficial wound where topmost layers are scraped off leaving a raw, tender area. Often caused by falls or friction burns. Embedded foreign particles may cause infection., INCISION - Clean, surface cut from a sharp-edged object e.g. glass or knife. May bleed heavily. Nerves or tendons may be damaged.,

Wounds and Descriptions


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