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1) What piece of equipment is used to measure blood pressure? a) A sphygmomanometer b) A sphygmometer c) A pressure pump d) An arm cuff 2) Blood pressure units can be kPa or.. a) mHg b) mmhG c) mmHg d) mmHg e) mmHG 3) Galactose is a type of a) Monosaccharide b) Disaccharides c) Don't know d) Polysaccharide 4) The formula for BMI is a) kg/m b) kg/m2 c) m2/kg d) kg2/m 5) Low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) are a) Triglycerides from fats combined with cholesterol and protein with more cholesterol compared to LDLs b) Fatty acids from fats in our diet combined with cholesterol and protein which we need little of in our diet c) Triglycerides from fats in our diet with cholesterol and protein which we need little of in our diet d) Triglycerides from fats in our diet combined with cholesterol and protein which lowers blood cholesterol levels 6) We can calculate the rate of diffusion using the equation a) surface area x thickness of the gas exchange surface/ difference in concentration b) difference in concentration x thickness of gas exchange surface/ surface area c) Don't know d) surface area x difference in concentration/thickness of the gas exchange surface 7) The structure labelled B is a a) Channel protein b) Gated channel c) Carrier protein d) Peripheral protein 8) The structure Ms Demetriou is pointing to is a..... a) Glycoprotein b) Carbohydrate chain c) Fatty acid chain d) Glycolipid 9) This picture is showing the process of a) Endocytosis b) Exocytosis 10) This monosaccharide is a) Glucose b) Galactose c) Fructose d) Lactose 11) Amniocentesis can be carried out at a) 15-17 weeks of pregnancy b) 4-5 weeks of pregnancy c) 8-12 weeks of pregnancy 12) FF is an example of a a) Homozygous recessive disorder b) Homozygous dominant disorder 13) If both individuals in a couple are carriers of cystic fibrosis, what is the probability of their child being a carrier? a) 100% b) 25% c) 50% d) 75% 14) A goblet cell is a) An epithelial cell that secretes mucus b) An endothelial that secretes mucus c) Ciliated epithelial cells d) They secrete chloride ions e) They gobble up all the rubbish

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