MOUTH - Breaks up food particles. Assists in producing spoken language, SALIVARY GLANDS - Moistens and lubricates food. Amylase digests polysaccharides, PHARYNX - Swallows, OESOPHAGUS - Transports food, LIVER - Breaks down and builds up many biological molecules stores vitamins and iron. Destroys old blood cells. Destroys poisons. Bile aids digestion, GALLBLADER - Stores and concentrates bile, STOMACH - Stores and churns food, PANCREAS - Hormones regulates blood glucose levels, SMALL INTESTINE - Completes digestion. Mucus protects gut wall. Absorbs nutrients, most water, LARGE INTESTINE - Reabsorbs some water and ions, forms and stores faeces, ANUS - Opening and elimination of faeces, RECTUM - Stores and expels faeces,




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