Where are the best suits made?, Who are the best mobile phones made by?, Where are the worst cars made?, What is the process to make a great wine?, Where are the best football players born?, Where are most technical advances made?, Where are the best watches made?, Who are the best TVs made by?, Where are most computers made?, Who are the best shoes made by?, Who are the best cars made by?, Where are the best games created?, Who were your clothes made by?, Have you ever had anything stolen from you?, Who was your phone made by?, Who were your shoes made by?, Where were you born? Were you raised there, too?, What’s your favorite book? Who was it written by?, What’s your favorite song? Who was it sung by?, What’s your favorite movie? Who was it directed by?, Who was your favorite game made by?, Who were the greatest symphonies composed by?, What’s the greatest invention? Who was it invented by? Where was it invented?, What’s the most important building in your country's history? Who was it built by? When was it built???.


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