1) Ghosts......exist in this castle because a lot of people have seen strange things here. a) can't b) may 2) Lucy says her aunt's got psychic powers, but she .....be joking. a) can't b) could 3) "The Curse of Tutankhamun"........be a very good film-there's nobody famous in it. a) can't b) mustn't 4) I don't believe a UFO landed in your garden! You .......be crazy! a) can b) must 5) There's a strange man in the photo, but you can't see him very clearly. He........be a ghost. a) could b) can't 6) It .......be raining outside-nobody's carrying an umbrella. a) can't b) may not 7) I don't know where your phone is, but it......be in your room. a) must b) may 8) They are tired this morning so they .......come out with us tonight. a) might not b) could

Modal verbs-must,may,might,could,can`t




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