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Cleient - The most important member of the building team. They give details of building requirements and finance the project., Pensaer - A trained proffesional who designs the building and represents the client., Goruchwyliwr Gwaith - A person who will oversee the building process, responsibilities include monitoring the quality of workmanship and ensuring agreed deadlines are met., Contractwr Adeiladu - Someone who carries out the work for the client., Asiant Safle - Someone who is employed by the building contractor and ensures the smooth day to day running of the building site, Fforman Cyffredinol - Will have responsibility for co-ordinating work for various trades and will oversee all work carried out on a building site., Fforman Crefft - Will be responsible for craft operatives on a building site., Is-fforman - Will be employed on larger building projects and be responsible for various tradesmen., Gweithwyr Crefft - These are skilled tradesmen such as bricklayers, carpenters and plasterers. , Gweithwyr Adeiladu - Will be responsible for laying drains, mixing concrete, and keeping the building site clean.,

Planning : Match Up - Welsh - English

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