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1) A water based paint used to paint ceilings and walls. a) Llenwad acrylig b) Ffitsh c) Scrymblo d) Emwlsiwn 2) A chemical which is used as the base for a number of decorating materials. a) Hydoddydd b) Ffitsh c) Graenio d) Emwlsiwn 3) Small brush which has a round oval or flat ferrule, filled with white bristles. It can be used to pick out details of ornamental plaster work. a) Scrymblo b) Cilfwa c) Papur leinio d) Ffitsh 4) A white or creamy coloured wallpaper used as a backing to disguise defects in the surface before painting or hanging wallpaper. a) Papur leinio b) Hydoddydd c) Graenio d) Llenwad acrylig 5) The first coat of paint which is applied to an uncoated surface. a) Stensilio b) Anaglypta c) Paent preimio d) Fflogiwr 6) Paint which is applied after the primer to provide a key for the top coat. a) Torri i mewn b) Isbaent c) Stensilio d) Paent preimio 7) Mainly used as a top coat on woodwork, this paint has a high sheen and is hard wearing. a) Llafnau calcio b) Cyllell gŷn c) Paratoi arwynebau d) Paent sglein 8) Roller head slides across surface during application of coatings a) Bwced rholeri b) Marciau llithro c) Paent sglein d) Côt uchaf 9) A technique used to give something an aged appearance. a) Marciau llithro b) Llyfnhau c) Anaglypta d) Heneiddio 10) The final coat of paint, applied using light brush strokes all in the same direction to produce a smooth finish. a) Llyfnhau b) Marciau llithro c) Côt uchaf d) Fflogiwr 11) A water based gap and surface filler that remains flexible when cured. a) Hydoddydd b) Emwlsiwn  c) Marmori d) Llenwad acrylig 12) Painting method which is used to create the effect of a marble surface. a) Hydoddydd b) Marmori c) Scrymblo  d) Llenwad acrylig 13) A painting technique where the final coat is partially removed to expose the undercoat. a) Graenio b) Ffitsh c) Hydoddydd d) Scrymblo  14) A method of imitating wood grain by applying a semi–transparent coat over painted groundwork. a) Cilfwa b) Graenio c) Papur leinio  d) Paent preimio 15) A concave moulding. a) Stensilio b) Cilfwa c) Anaglypta d) Isbaent 16) The term used to describe wallpaper with an embossed surface. a) Papur leinio  b) Anaglypta c) Llafnau calcio d) Isbaent 17) A long haired paint brush which is used to create a dragged paint effect. a) Isbaent b) Fflogiwr c) Torri i mewn d) Llafnau calcio 18) The final coat of paint which is applied to a surface. a) Paent sglein b) Côt uchaf c) Isbaent d) Paratoi arwynebau 19) Completing the painting of the surface by painting the edges of a wall or ceiling. a) Torri i mewn b) Paent sglein c) Cyllell gŷn d) Paratoi arwynebau 20) Refers to caulk boards plastic/stiff rubber a) Llafnau calcio b) Cyllell gŷn c) Paratoi arwynebau d) Siswrn papuro 21) Small 1 inch / 25 mm scraper used to assist operatives removing small drawing pins, staples etc during preparation of surfaces a) Cyllell gŷn b) Paratoi arwynebau c) Siswrn papuro  d) Bwced rholeri 22) Preparing surfaces ready for decoration etc a) Paratoi arwynebau b) Bwced rholeri c) Marciau llithro   d) Siswrn papur 23) Paperhanging scissors a) Cyllell gŷn b) Marciau llithro   c) Heneiddio d) Siswrn papuro 24) Roller bucket  a) Marciau llithro   b) Bwced c) Llyfnhau d) Bwced rholeri

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