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1) Obligatory, compulsory but not discretionary a) Damwain b) Gorfodol c) Achos fu bron â digwydd d) Risg 2) An incident in which no injury or damage results a) Risg b) Damwain c) Achos fu bron â digwydd d) Mesurau Rheoli 3) An unplanned event that results in harm to people or damage to property a) Damwain b) Person Cymwys c) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario d) Llidiog 4) The likelihood that a hazard will cause harm to someone or something. a) Perygl b) Mesurau Rheoli c) Cyrydol d) Risg 5) A person who has been adequately trained and has the appropriate skills and knowledge to perform certain health and safety tasks without posing a risk to themselves or others. a) Gorfodol b) Person Cymwys c) Damwain d) Cyrydol 6) Actions that have been put in place to regulate and reduce the risks associated with the work being carried out. a) Achos fu bron â digwydd b) Person Cymwys c) Mesurau Rheoli d) Gorfodol 7) A substance that has destructive effects on another substance. a) Cyrydol b) COSHH c) Perygl d) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario 8) The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. a) Fflamadwyedd b) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario c) Hysbysiad Gwahardd d) Rheoli Sylweddau Peryglus i Iechyd 9) The ease in which a substance will catch fire. a) Perygl b) Yr Awdurdod Gweithredol Iechyd a Diogelwch c) Fflamadwyedd d) Gweithrediadau Codi a Chario 10) A situation that has the potential to cause harm, injury, ill-health or damage to people, property and the environment. a) Llidiog b) Perygl c) Datganiad Dull d) Trwydded i Weithio

Health and Saftey : Terms English Desc - Welsh Keywords 1-10


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