1) tormenting tears a) alliteration b) assonance c) repetition 2) clouds are ships in full sail a) simile b) metaphor c) personification 3) freezing hate a) enjambment b) oxymoron c) alliteration 4) mystery disguised within a) enjambment b) alliteration c) assonance 5) He was a lone star a) metaphor b) alliteration c) simile 6) tears of amber fall from my soul a) metaphor b) alliteration c) simile 7) life for me is wild and free a) repetition b) internal rhyme c) external rhyme 8) notes dance across the page a) personification b) alliteration c) simile 9) Like a star, she shines a) oxymoron b) simile c) metaphor 10) shivering slices of received wisdom a) oxymoron b) enjambment c) sibilance




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