1) severe or strict a) dread b) harsh c) defiance d) assured e) solemn f) dumbly 2) to be very afraid of a) queried b) defiance c) assured d) harsh e) dread f) solemn 3) to guarantee or make certain a) solemn b) defiance c) dread d) assured e) harsh f) dumbly 4) to sound or look serious a) dumbly b) assured c) dread d) harsh e) defiance f) solemn 5) stupid or silent because of fear and shock a) dread b) solemn c) dumbly d) defiance e) queried f) assured 6) bold disobedience and lack of respect a) queried b) defiance c) harsh d) dumbly e) assured f) dread 7) to ask a question a) dumbly b) assured c) harsh d) dread e) queried f) solemn

Unit 11a dictionary words




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