Factual / Zero conditional: If the price of a product falls, demand for it usually rises., If I miss my bus, I walk to work., What do you do at night if you can't sleep?, Water boils if it reaches 100 degreess Celsius., What do you do when you hear bad news?, Predictive / 1st conditional: If we draw a second shape on top of the first one, it will overlap the first one., If you give me an extra day's holiday, I will work this weekend., What will schools do if they have to stay shut beyond February?, If he doesn't call her soon, she is going to break up with him., The conveyor belt will slip off the drive if it stretches., Hypothetical / 2ndConditional: What could we do if we had more daylight hours per day?, If trains were more reliable, more people would use them., I would buy my family a new home if I won a million Euros., If I had my dream job, I could work anywhere I wanted., If I had his mobile number, I would phone him., Counterfactual / 3rd conditional: If I had known you were in at the office, I would have called in., I would not have failed my German test if I had revised more., If you had been able to travel everywhere last summer, where would you have gone?, If we had offered large quantity discounts, we might have won the order., If the concrete had not been sealed against the air, it would have dried out too quickly.,

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