You forget your apartment key at work and realize it when you get home- What do you do?, Your friend shows up from out of town- you want to hang out but you have to work every day he is here- What do you do?, You try to use your debit card when buying groceries- it does not work- What do you do?, Your upstairs neighbor is making so much noise you can't sleep. After 2 nights of not enough sleep, what do you do?, You rip your work shirt as you are walking out the door- your only shirt- What do you do?, Your friend has two concert tickets for a great show- problem is, you work on that day-what do you do?, You spilled some spaghetti sauce on the carpet. How are going to clean it up?, making a grilled cheese sandwich and forgot about it. It’s burning and now your smoke alarm goes off. What do you do?, You are walking down the stairs at home and you miss a step and hurt your ankle. Now what?, Your kitchen faucet is leaking. What are you going to do?, You and your roommate share a tv and you both want to watch a different program at the same time. What will you do?, The washing machine is not working. How will you get your clothes washed?, You are going out after work to celebrate your friend’s birthday but forgot to buy a gift. What will you do?, Your boss asks you to stay a few extra hours but you are tired. Will you stay or go?, Your roommate keeps eating your yogurt. What are you going to do about it?, Your roommate won’t clean up after himself. What do you do?, There is a strange odor coming from your neighbor’s apartment. What will you do?, You have a bad cold and you are too sick to go get some medicine. What do you do?,

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