1) A mortise and tenon joint is a... a) Frame Joint b) Carcase Joint c) Both 2) Which tool would you use to MEASURE a woodworking joint? a) Trysquare b) Marking Gauge c) Tenon Saw d) Steel Rule e) Chisel 3) What is the proper name for the 'Granny's Tooth'? a) Jack Plane b) Pillar Drill c) Hand Router d) Marking Gauge 4) A through housing is a... a) Carcase Joint b) Both c) Frame Joint 5) Which of these tools would you use to CUT straight down the shoulders of a joint? a) Mortise Machine b) Mortise Chisel c) Coping Saw d) Tenon Saw 6) Which of these materials is NOT a natural timber? a) Chipboard b) Scots Pine c) Teak d) Cedar e) Mahogany 7) Which of these is NOT a hardwood? a) Oak b) Ash c) Mahogany d) Cedar e) Beech 8) A mitre joint is a... a) Carcase Joint b) Frame Joint c) Both 9) Which of these tools would you use to MARK the depth of a joint? a) Marking gauge b) Steel rule c) Chisel d) Bradawl e) Bench vice 10) Which of these is NOT a softwood? a) Spruce b) Red Pine c) Cedar d) Balsa e) Douglas Fir 11) Which of these tools would you NOT use when preparing a blank for the woodturning lathe? a) Tenon Saw b) Jack Plane c) Steel Rule d) Chisel e) Compass or Spring Dividers 12) Which of these joints would not be suitable for the corner of a picture frame? a) Mitre Joint b) Through Housing Joint c) Corner Halving Joint d) Dowel Joint e) Mortise & Tenon Joint

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