Peninsula - A piece of land stretching out into the sea., Erosion - The physical process where pieces of broken rock or sand are picked up by the wind (or water)., Transportation - When pieces of broken up rock or sand are carried by the wind (or water)., Deposition - When the wind (or water) drops what it is carrying because it slows down & loses energy., GDP per person - Gross Domestic Product per person – The amount of money that a country has divided by the number of people who live there (an average wealth per person)., Raw material - What you make something from. Petrol & plastics are made from the raw material oil., Non-renewable resource - A resource like oil which will run out. It is finite (will not last for ever)., Migrant Worker - A person who moves from one country to another in order to find work and earn money. , Sustainable - Doing things in a way which does not damage people or the environment now & in the future., Tax - Money paid by people/workers & businesses to the government to help pay for things like education & roads.,




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