The new girl in my class told me her name, but not her first name. What kind of name did she tell me?, We're studying animals this week. There will be a field trip, but we won't see any wild animals. What kind of animals could we see?, It was such a beautiful day Sunday, my family went for a car ride. We passed many buildings, but no homes. What kind of buildings do you think we passed?, My family went to the circus and had a great time. Dad asked me what I liked best about the circus. I said it wasn't the people. What kinds of things do you think I liked?, It is snowing. The weatherman said it will snow all day. We want to go someplace, but it can't be outdoors. What kind of place could we go to?, My brother and I love playing games, but we don't like board games. What kind of games could we play?, We have a large garden. I like working with plants, but I don't enjoy taking care of flowers. What kinds of plants do you think I like?, My mother was sewing a cover. When I asked her what kind, she said it wasn't for a bed. What kind of cover could it be?, I want to bake something. I'm tired of cookies, so I'll have to think of something else. What kinds of baked things could I make?, My mother is taking me shopping. I want new clothes for the summer. I don't need any hats. What kinds of clothes might I want?, I was in such a rush this morning, I forgot some of my school things. I asked my friend if I could borrow something from her. She said she didn't have any extra writing items, but anything else was okay. What kinds of school things could I borrow?.


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