1) Abolition a) Abolishing an institution or system. b) To create a new institution or system. c) To get canceled. 2) Laissez-Faire a) The thought that more government involvement in our economy will help it. b) To be lazy. c) The idea that the less the government is involved in the economy, the better it will do. 3) Thomas Jefferson worked as a what before he was a founding father? a) Professional gamer. b) Surveyor. c) Lawyer. 4) This was a pamphlet that Jefferson wrote in 1774 expressing his anger with Britain.   a) The Federalists Papers b) A Summary View of the Rights of British America c) The Magna Carta d) Time Magazine 5) Thomas Jefferson was Vice President to who? a) John Adams b) George Washington c) Barack Obama d) James Madison e) Mr. H 6) During the revolution, Jefferson wrote what document? a) The Articles of Confederation. b) The U.S. Constitution. c) The Affordable Care Act. d) Declaration of Independence. 7) Jefferson became president in what year? a) 1789 b) 1914 c) 1801 8) Embargo Act a) A ban on travel. b) A ban on trade. c) A ban on homework. 9) In 1807, Jefferson abolished what in America? a) Fracking b) The slave trade c) Firearms d) The death penalty 10) Which best describes the embargo act a) A great success b) EVIL c) Just okay 11) Jefferson advocated for what? a) Term limits for presidents. b) No Bill of Rights. c) Fancy wigs for the president. 12) True or False: Jefferson originally included an anti-slavery passage in the Declaration of Independence that was eventually removed. a) True b) False 13) Jefferson accomplished his goal of shrinking the U.S. federal government by doing what? a) Cutting our military in half. b) Cutting the amount of taxes. c) Firing tax collectors and U.S. diplomats.  d) All of the above. 14) Jefferson was the U.S. minister to what foreign country? a) Britain b) Canada c) France 15) Jefferson wanted what to go with the U.S. Constitution? a) A Bill of Wrongs b) A Bill of Rights c) A Right of Bill d) Nothing, he thought the constitution was perfect the way it was.




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