Opening Hook - When a writer opens with something to hook the reader's attention, Changes/Shifts - any changes in pace, tension, focus, tone or atmosphere, Dialogue - Using or introducing speech from characters, Narrative View Point - Which perspective is it from? First (I), Second (You), Third (He/She/They) ? Why?, Endings - Consider the way the extract finishes- is it happily? Tragically? Mysteriously? Suddenly?, Cliff-Hanger/Uncertain Endings - When the ending is left as mysterious or suspenseful on purpose, Order of events - Literally the order that events happen: Is it chronological (time order)? Circular? Chaotic?, Foreshadowing - When the reader gets little clues that something may happen before it actually does, Sentence variations - Varying the length/structure of sentences for effect (shorter = quicker pace/powerful, longer = descriptive or rambling), Repetition - Repeating key words or phrases or ideas to emphasise something, Contrasts/Juxtapositions - Having one idea and then the opposite thing happens , Anti-Climax - building up our hopes/excitement and then letting it down, Climax - The most intense moment of the scene - all the suspense builds to this,




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