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Gorfodol - Obligatory, compulsory but not discretionary, Damwain - An unplanned event that results in harm to people or damage to property , Risg - The likelihood that a hazard will cause harm to someone or something., Cyrydol - A substance that has destructive effects on another substance., Fflamadwyedd - The ease in which a substance will catch fire., Perygl - A situation that has the potential to cause harm, injury, ill-health or damage to people, property and the environment., LLidiog - A non-corrosive substance which can cause inflammation on the body through contact., Gwenwynig - Substances, usually poisonous, that cause irritation and have detrimental effects on health., Fflachbwynt - the minimum temperature in which the vapour of a substance, when mixed with oxygen, will ignite when a flame is applied, Amlygiad - The time during which a person is at risk from a hazard, Marwolaeth - Death due to work related injury or illness., Amlynciad - Taking a substance into the body through the mouth., Mewnanadliad - Taking a substance, in the form of gases, fumes, vapours, aerosols or dusts, into the body by breathing it in.,

Iechyd a Diogelwch


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