1) What equipment do we need for tennis? 2) What are your favourite sports? 3) What mustn't you do in football? 4) What sports can we do in the water? 5) What sports can we do in the winter? 6) Do you think sport is important in our life? Why? 7) Do you regard yourself as a sporty person? Why? 8) Is yoga a sport? Why :) 9) Is chess a sport? Why?:) 10) How many PE lessons do you have at school? Would you prefer more PE lessons?:) 11) Are you passionate about any sports? 12) What activities are appealing for teenagers? 13) Do you do any sport to a high standard? 14) What is your motivation? (when it comes to sport, of course :) 15) Do you prefer demanding or lenient teachers? :)

Sport speaking - find the hidden characters ;)





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