Name one rule you really don’t like. Can you think of a good reason for that rule?, When is it hard to share or take turns? What would make it easier?, Give an example of when you listened the first time. Tell yourself “good job!”, Do your parents/guardians ask you to try new things? Tell about a time you tried something new and you, Pretend you’re helping somebody. What are you doing for them?, Name something you are afraid of. Is that real or pretend?, Who can you talk to when you are scared?, What is something an adult told you when you were afraid? Will it help to say that to yourself next time you are afraid?, Think of a time you were really happy. Talk about it., Name something that makes you feel happy. Is that something you can do when you are sad?, Who helps you when you feel sad? What do they say?, Name something that you really like about your life?, Is it okay to make mistakes?, Cooperate means share, take turns, and doing what the other person wants. When do you cooperate?, Cooperate means share, take turns, and doing what the other person wants. When is it hard to cooperate? What would make it easier?, What is a good way to decide who goes first?, Ask the other player to tell you about their favorite meal. Listen carefully, and then tell them what they said., Pretend you’re talking to a new student. What are some polite and friendly things you can say?, What makes you really mad? When you feel that mad, where can you go so you don’t get into trouble?, Pretend someone is laughing at you and they won’t stop. Name an adult who can help you., What is one thing you hope for when you're an adult?, Tell about one thing someone said to you that made you feel good., Name one thing you do really well., What is one way that you are helpful?, Tell and show one way to calm your anger., What is something you can think while you're angry to make yourself feel better?.




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