romance - Love and hate. The characters go through a lot of difficulties to come together., detective story - Criminals, robbers, killers. There is always a clever detective or a policeman who catches them in the end., biography - The author describes somebody’s life or writes about himself (herself). , science fiction - Aliens, spaceships, trips to the moon and star wars., horror - Vampires, witches, ghosts and scary supernatural events., adventure story - Pirates, cowboys, boys and girls are always doing exciting things. You also find ships, faraway islands, lost treasure, and a lot of danger in these stories, but there is usually a happy ending., fantasy - Wizards, witches and other magic objects and words. Some wizards are bad, some witches are good. The story is usually long and the plot is complicated., fairy tale - Princes and princesses, very bad witches and magic animals that help good people. The plot is usually very simple. Good people are rewarded. Bad people are punished., history book - Things that happened in the past. Some characters may not be real, but the description of the period is usually very good.,

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