I ____ go to the shop. The opposite of down is ____. I must go to the ____ shop. My book is ____ dragons. I didn't take ____ the bin and now it smells. I have so ____ toys! If I do my homework, ____ I can play after. My parent's wanted to go to the zoo, so I went with ____. "____ shoes are the wrong size!" I want to go to school ____ I can learn. I like ____ vegetables, but I hate peas. "What is ____ name?" I ____ like a cup of tea. I can ____ things disappear in my magic act. I ____ to play video games. "It was ____! He stole my bike!" I didn't go ____ town because it was raining. Clocks tell you the ____. She ____ to go to the dentist. I need to ____ for my glasses. The number after one is ____. My brother has so many ____ toys than I do. I like to ____ books. "On your marks, get set, ____!" I can't wait to ____ my friends.

Fry's Common Words (First 100, 3rd 25) - Complete the Sentence




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