1) What is Mother Nature’s greatest invention? 2) What does ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ mean? Do you agree with it? 3) What is the world’s most useless invention? 4) Do you think the person who invented the atomic bomb was satissfied with his discovery? 5) What is the world’s most dangerous invention? 6) Do you use modern inventions in everyday life? What are they? 7) What modern inventions do you have at home? How often do you use them?  8) How has technology changed education?  9) What could never be replaced by technology? why? 10) Does computer save time or does it make us waste more time?  11) How has technology changed the medical care? 12) Does technology sometimes get on your nerves? Give the eample 13) Do you want some of the inventions to be improved? in what way?




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