1) Which of the following statements is not true? a) The greenhouse effect and global warming are the same thing b) The greenhouse effect is essential for life to exist on Earth c) Global warming has both natural and human causes 2) Why does the greenhouse effect cause climate change? a) It causes the oxygen in the atmosphere to expand b) It causes more air pollution c) It causes holes in the ozone layer d) It traps energy in the atmosphere 3) Which of these is not a greenhouse gas? a) water vapour b) oxygen c) methane d) carbon dioxide 4) If there was no greenhouse effect, temperatures would be.... a) 18oC warmer b) 8oC warmer c) 8oC colder d) 18oC colder 5) Without the greenhouse effect, humans could live on earth a) True b) Flase 6) Where is the next world climate change conference being held? a) Paris b) New York c) Glasgow d) Edinburgh 7) Humans are the main cause of the enhanced greenhouse effect a) True b) False 8) Many politicians are concerned about the cost of tacking climate change a) True b) False 9) The USA has rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change a) True b) False 10) Scientists have discovered that the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is ... a) gradually decreasing b) rapidly decreasing c) staying the same d) gradually increasing e) rapidly increasing

S3 Climate Change and The Greenhouse Effect




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