1) Art Deco - which statement is true? a) Has geometric shapes b) Has whiplash lines c) Takes inspiration from exotic natural forms d) Has fluid winding lines 2) Art Nouveau - which statement is true? a) Has whiplash lines b) Has geometric shapes c) Like's items to be hand-made d) used natural patterns which repeated 3) Who was the important designer from the Arts and crafts design movement? a) Charles Rennie Mackintosh  b) William Morris c) Claris Cliff d) Pablo Picasso 4) What did Art Deco use a lot in its designs and patterns? a) Raindrops b) Trees c) Sunrays d) Lightening bolts 5) Which design movement took inspiration from natural forms and exotic flowers? a) Art Deco b) Arts and Crafts c) Art Nouveau d) Pop art





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