Main Arguments: The key issue here is..., The real question is..., It’s vital to remember that..., Giving Your Opinion: The way I see it..., I strongly believe that..., I honestly feel that..., I’m (not) convinced that..., There’s no doubt that..., As far as I’m concerned..., You can’t deny that..., I (don’t) think that..., In my view.., Adding Points: What’s more.., On top of that.., Besides that.., Apart from that.., Another thing to consider is.., It’s also worth bearing in mind that.., Stronger / popular opinion: The vast majority of people would say.., 9 out of 10 people would say that.., There is no evidence to support that whatsoever., Politely Disagreeing: It may be true that...but.., I see your point..but..., I see where you’re coming from, but..., Disagreeing: I totally disagree that.., I beg to differ., I’m afraid I don’t agree., No, I don’t think so., I’m not sure about that., That’s not always true., Conclusion: So, to sum up..., So, in summary.., All in all...,





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