I can sing a song at the top of my lungs., Did the king get a ring with a red stone?, She had the bling on the ring., Frank got some cash at the bank with me., Honk if you think the thing is junk., The freezing rain made a mess all day!, We paid cash to get a ride on the train., May I get a place to stay on Sunday?, Set the drink on a gray tray., The chick went cheep and got a seed., We will see the little seed grow into a tree., The truck has a brush to sweep the street., Bleach can make a stain on jeans!, Make sure you read the long list and leap!, She shed a tear when the team was beat., Do not sneak or cheat on a test., The goat will roam on the grass., The man had a green toad that he hid in his cloak., He will sow his seeds and grow them., Can you see the snow blow past the window?.

2nd Grade Review Fluency


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